Air Conditioning

air-conditioning-unitIn normal conversation, when the term cooling is pointed out, people immediately take it to suggest cooling space temperature level.

Technically speaking, though, a/c is the process of managing space temperature through various means that include ventilation, heating and cooling. In building, it is described as HVAC.

In 1902, The New York Stock Exchange was the first structure to use a/c devices that separately cooled and heated the air. Later on that year, Willis Havilland Carrier set up the very first electrically-run air conditioning device at a printing plant. The system not only cooled the air however also controlled the humidity.

air-conditionerIn those times, air conditioning was mainly made use of in producing properties to improve items by managing the effects of humidity, therefore, increasing staff member performance. It was several years later on, in the 1950s, that homes and cars began to be fitted with the a/c innovation.

An air conditioning system cools the air with a refrigerant, an element that changes the temperature of the air. In the very early stages of its development, a/c units used harmful gases such as ammonia and methyl chloride as refrigerants. They were quickly changed by another kind of chemical, the trademarked element called Freon.

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