Best 6 Mosquito control measures in Atlanta

Mosquito outbreak is a common health problem in Atlanta. However, many people often do not know the tips that they can use to control the outbreak thus enabling the residents to avoid cases of malaria disease. Here are some of the Mosquito control measures that you can take:

1. Dispose or destroy tin cans, buckets, old tires, unused plastic cans on swimming poolsMosquito 15

You need to make sure that you destroy the containers holding water. Never allow water bodies to accumulate since it may form the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Clean debris in the rain gutters by removing any standing water

You need to make sure that you remove around structures or any flat roofs by checking around your air conditioner units and faucets to repair leaks at the same time eliminating puddles. This will destroy the breeding places for mosquitoes in Atlanta.

3. Change water in your birdbaths to avoid wading pools

These ornamental pools often form the breeding places for mosquitoes that are common for those people who need to control malaria. You should make sure that you do clean them regularly whenever you need to prevent any form of insects that may be breeding in the place. You may also use many commercial products “Mosquito Bits” and “Mosquito Dunks” with the ability to kill lavas of the mosquitos in these breeding places.

Mosquito 074. Drain puddles, swampy areas, and ditches by removing filled tree holes, drain and stumps using a mortar. You should also treat these areas with methoprene products to kill the mosquito lavas. Also, you may opt to eliminate seepage from cesspools, cisterns, and septic tanks.

5. Make sure that you eliminate standing water in animal watering troughs. You should flush livestock water troughs at least two times in a week. In the process, you need to check for the trapped water in canvas tarps or plastic used to pools, cover boats, etc. Check the nearest construction sites to ensure that the environment is clean whenever you need to destroy the breeding homes for mosquitos.

6. Sleep under treated nets

For pregnant mothers and children under the age of five, they should sleep under treated nets as a way to avoid the spread of malaria that can be dangerous to their lives. People living in Atlanta need to report the prevalence of Mosquitoes to the Public Health Offices for actual to be taken on preventive measures.

In conclusion, in case of an outbreak, you should take the above measures of Mosquito Control in Atlanta.

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