The SubDivision Concept


A subdivision is a concept most people in North 

America are familiar with due to the fact that they live in one.

Subdivision refers to the act of splitting big locations of land into locations that are easier to develop. A housing class is additionally commonly known as a plat.

The subdivision as we understand it today first started in 1926, when the Advisory Committee on City Planning and Zoning developed the Specification City Preparing Enabling Act (SCPEA). The SCPEA was responsible for defining subdivisions and arranging the plans that have since created  numerous of the cities and townships we reside in today. The SCPEA determines “subdivision” as any plot of land that is split into two or even more plots or parcels for the objective of sale and/or advancement.

The benefits of living in a subdivision is that they have an good community atmosphere and they are much safer. Most times they have nice ammnenities  such as large parks and swimming pools . Also they are all managed under the same community assosciation.

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